Had a tour of UAB’s 3D printer lab Friday afternoon.

Disclosure: I’m a student enrolled in the UAB business school information systems program. I’m also doing a minor in computer science. The guy who runs the lab, Dr. Sloan, is my algorithms class prof this semester.

Watch parts printed in ABS plastic as part of 3-D Print Lab student project

The 3D printer lab is part of the computer science department at Campbell Hall. They have two industrial printers and 3 MakerBot machines of varying vintages and capabilities. They can print ABS plastic, ABS plastic with a secondary plastic for structures requiring support during production, and a biodegradable plastic which can be broken down and gradually replaced within living organisms.

Dr. Sloan is actively looking for on campus collaborators; if you need to prototype objects as part of your research or development process, he has the facilities. Samples of some of the work they’ve been prototyping while getting started can be seen at http://3dprintlab.cis….

He’s also actively recruiting for a collaborative computer science and art class, CS 491, which will be run during the next fall semester. Computer Science students and art students will be working in pairs to design, program and generate 3-D objects. No formal prerequisites are required, although he suggested that you have a good grasp of either programming or 3-D design/sculpture before enrolling.