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How to mess up your virtualization on Windows 10

For the past year, I’ve been getting to know virtual machines (VMs). 

I’ve mostly been using VirtualBox on Windows 10 and Parallels on my Mac. A few weeks ago I thought it was time to also explore Windows Hyper-V. So, I turned it on. Big mistake – activating Hyper-V deactivated my ability to run 64-bit VMs within Virtual Box. Which was a problem, as I have an instructional set of model VMs set up on my classroom computer, which were then exported for use on the student computers, And I had about a week invested in creating these particular model VMs (installed software, settings, model networks. etc).

Now, I did the two things (activate Hyper-V) and then revisit my VirtualBox VMs about a week apart. So it took me a bit of time (and googling) to work back and determine what i needed to do. 
Although I went in and turned off the Hyper-V features within Apps and Features > Program and Features > Turn Windows Features On or Off, I also ran PowerShell commands to make sure it was good and off and wouldn’t come back on when I next updated my classroom computer system. 

The key thing I learned was that the reason the two virtualization applications don’t work well together is that Hyper-V is a Type I hypervisor for Windows 10 – and VirtualBox is a Type II hypervisor running within Windows 10.



Where to find Birmingham’s tech networks

New to Birmingham and want to know where to find the techies? Or you’ve finished a first degree or training course and you want to know how to connect with other people in your field? In Birmingham, here are the three places you need to start looking to find them.

TechBirmingham’s community listings

TechBirmingham, the region non-profit coordinating and promoting the growth of the regional tech sector, has listings of the local tech organizations on its Community page. These include chapters of national organizations, such as the Project Management Institute, InfragardCode for America, and  Women Who Code .

You’ll also find local tech-focused groups such as the Red Mountain Makers and Steel City SQL.

Magic City Tech is the signup page for the Magic City Tech slack, a chat channel used by tech community organizers to coordinate events, share information and post jobs. An informal watercooler-style back channel, you’ll see everything from good React tutorials and case studies. to job postings for Scada and R programmers. The number of channels has grown significantly in 2017 & 2018


Most of the local tech interest groups list their meetings on Meetup. (most of these are on the TechBirmingham community page). These interest groups range from language specific interest groups (javascript, .NET, to interest groups focused on startups and development)) A new group forming up,  CSBhm,  is looking to connect the computer science and technology educator community. 

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CompTIA A+ OnRamp

CompTIA has put together some new materials on what to expect when studying for and preparing to take the CompTIA A+ exams. Check it out at

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