In this project, I explore how to create a small bootable USB drive, running a copy of the Linux Raspbian Desktop.

Why Raspbian Desktop?

Raspbian Desktop is a variation on the Debian Linux operating system. It has been specifically adapted to run on older (32-bit) underpowered computers. It only needs 512MB of RAM (random access memory) to operate! That’s tiny compared to most of the new consumer and business grade laptops and desktop systems sold in 2018. (how to determine how much RAM your computer has.)

In my community, different community groups are interested in running tech-ed programs – but don’t always have a lot of resources or internal knowledge. I want to help make computing exploration available to anyone in Birmingham (AL) interested in learning about the technical systems that are quietly running more and more of our world, with or without an internet connection. 

This project makes it possible to use available desktop systems and laptops without making changes to them. Needed software can be run from a consistent external source, with a place for students to save their files. This allows students to continue work and explorations at home, without needing a fast internet connection. 

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