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Where is the WordPress framework used?

Am now at the stage in my learning cycle where I’m examining websites to see how they are built. Am mainly interested WordPress, but am also interested in learning where other frameworks are being used.

To do so, I’m using the following tools:

  • ScanWP – Enter a URL at this site and it will generate a report as to theme and plugins used.
  • BuiltWith – Returns an analysis of the backend tools used. Doesn’t report on the actual website code framework. The site also has reports regarding usage patterns over time.
  • Wappalyzer – a browser extension that reports on what software technologies and frameworks are used within a site.

My intent in using these tools is to learn what works when and where – and to be better able to recommend tool use to others.

WordPress user orientation

I’ve been running through TreeHouse’s Learn WordPress tutorial path, to see what they have available to get site owners up to speed and comfortable using their sites. Zac Gordon and his team have put together a useful set of tutorials. They cover the essential basics of site administration and user roles in about four hours of video and interactive instruction. They also have an excellent WooCommerce orientation for those wishing to setup online sales. I recommend this track for new WordPress site owners.

Treehouse has a lot of good tutorials suitable for teens and adults learning to programming and to work on projects. They also have an excellent GitHub tutorial, introductions to web frameworks (Flask for Python, Ruby on Rails and the Java stack), Android and iPhone OS development in both Swift and Objective C, Ruby, Python, PHP, and Java. Great place to get started!

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